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Cancer Update: “Joshua Lipana, His Doctors, and Modern Technology Beat Cancer”

“I’m delighted to announce that Joshua Lipana’s most recent CT Scan shows across-the-board improvements, including ‘Near complete resolution of mediastinal abnormality.’ What was a five-inch by two-inch tumor in Joshua’s chest has been reduced to scar tissue. This combined with tests showing Joshua’s bone marrow to be cancer-free means that his cancer is, by all accounts, in remission.

“Joshua, his doctors, modern technology, and the men and women who make it possible have beaten Joshua’s rare and aggressive cancer (T-Cell Lymphoblastic Lymphoma). Writing of his own part in beating this monster, Joshua says, ‘I’m rarer and more aggressive than that rare and aggressive cancer.’ Indeed he is.”

—Craig Biddle

Read the whole thing here:


Craig Biddle has been one of the most supportive individuals in my victorious fight against cancer.

I am glad I am alive. I am glad I can continue the honor of working with Craig Biddle.


I am a cancer survivor. I am so happy I can finally call myself that.



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Cancer Updates

August 6, 2012:

“A hearty ‘thank you!’ to everyone who has contributed to help Joshua Lipana cover the costs of his cancer treatment. . . .

“Toward inspiring more donations, let me say a few words about Joshua and why helping him is, in fact, helping yourself.

“Joshua is a warrior for liberty. He has dedicated his life to fighting for reason, egoism, and capitalism. And, in this regard, he is the most promising young man I have ever met. The reason is threefold: his ambitiousness, his intelligence, and his independence.” —CB

Click here to read more:

August 26, 2012:

“I’m delighted to report that Joshua’s prognosis continues to improve. According to his doctors, chemotherapy is working, Joshua’s bone marrow is now cancer-free, and the tumor in his left lung has been reduced to a fraction of its original size.” —CB

Click here to read more:

September 1, 2012:

Ayn_Rand_Stamp“Joshua Lipana is battling lymphoma. You may know Joshua from his contributions to The Objective Standard magazine. We would like to help him with his mounting medical expenses by donating $50 for each “Ayn Rand Stamp Poster” purchased through September 30, 2012. Only 17 of these posters remain available. Get yours before they are gone forever and help this fine young man win his battle against this disease.” —Cordair Fine Arts

Click here to read more:

September 30, 2012:

Sept_30_Joshua_is_FreeAfter 152 days of fighting cancer, I’m now out of the hospital and in remission. I am so happy. 🙂

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!Fireworks

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Yahoo’s “Plugged In” on Paper Planes

Just read a story on Yahoo’s Plugged In about paper plane designs that work really well.

Some interesting stuff there. I followed the instructions for the first one and created “The Record Holder” which once had the world-record for the longest flight of a paper airplane. Here’s the video instructions:

It’s a consistent flyer.

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Yahoo Sports and CM Punk

Just read an article on Yahoo Sports about the title reigns of WWE’s CM Punk. This part was spot on:

“I don’t know why WWE constantly uses these twists with Punk. He is one of the most popular superstars with the fans and one of the best all-around workers in the company. On talent alone, he should be able to become a champion and hold the title for a long period of time, too bad the powers that be don’t feel the same way.”

Summer Slam was crazy. CM Punk not being champion just doesn’t make sense to me. He’s white hot right now, and is pure money for the WWE. He’s title reign ended way too soon.

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No to ADB’s Tax Increase Proposal

By Joshua Lipana

The Agence France-Presse recently reported that the Asian Development Bank is championing higher tax rates in Asia.


Asian countries need to increase taxes and improve their collection systems if they want to raise enough funds for much-needed social welfare programmes, an ADB study released Tuesday said…

“The review of tax policy… makes it clear that there is ample margin for higher tax levels in Asia through more direct taxation, especially private income tax,” the report by economics professor Jorge Martinez-Vazquez said.

The ADB’s advocacy for more confiscation of wealth is immoral and contrary to prosperity.

It is entrepreneurs and businessmen that drive economic growth, to confiscate what they’ve earned is an injustice and will hamper their ability to expand their respective ventures, thereby lessening job creation and productivity.

Asian countries, like all countries, should have the lowest possible tax rates.

This is because a low tax rate encourages foreign investment, creates a better environment for job creation, encourages businesses to expand, and most of all it allows people to keep more of what is rightfully theirs; the fruits of their labour.

I, without any reservation, oppose this call for more confiscation of wealth.


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“Smoking Ban vs. Property Rights”

Excellent LTE from David Holcberg.

Smoking Ban vs. Property Rights

By David Holcberg (Chicago Tribune, May 9, 2007; Kansas City Star, November 15, 2007; Cincinnati Post, November 30, 2007)

Smoking bans in private property are a blatant violation of property rights.

Business owners have the right to determine whether they want to offer their customers a smoke-free environment.

No one is forced to patronize a bar, club or restaurant that allows smoking. If some people don’t want to put up with cigarette smoke, they are free to stay away. They are also free to open their own non-smoking bars and restaurants. They have no right, however, to force business owners to adopt a non-smoking policy.

Copyright © by the Ayn Rand Institute. Used with permission.

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