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A John Galt Running for Congress: My Interview with Stephen Bailey

I recently interviewed Republican congressional candidate Stephen Bailey for NewsReal Blog.

Here’s a few excerpts from our interview:

“NRB: Right off the bat, If you had the power, what government agency would you remove immediately? (Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Education etc.)

SB: The Department of Education. Education is too important to trust to the federal government. It also makes no sense to send tax money from Colorado to DC to feed a bureaucracy that adds no discernible value but attaches strings to the pittance it sends back. It is best for education funds to remain as local as possible with the greatest amount of local (parental) accountability and control.

With our budgetary problems, every federal agency needs to be carefully scrutinized. Very few meet constitutional scrutiny or have a proven record of a justified existence.


NRB: What are some of your favorite books?

SB: Favorite typically refers to what you enjoy reading which is not always the same as the books you value the most. Of course, I enjoy all of Ayn Rand’s books – fiction and non-fiction. I also enjoy every book from Alexander Dumas that I have read. Other fiction authors that I have enjoyed include Victor Hugo and Tom Clancy.

The most valuable book I have ever read is Rand’s Introduction to Objectivist Epistemology. By teaching me how to think, this book has literally made me the man I am today and is the most directly responsible for my success in business.

NRB: Finally, what do you think is the biggest difference between you and your opponent from the Democratic Party?

SB: I believe that your life is yours to live for your purpose in the pursuit of your dreams and happiness. Jared Polis believes your life is not yours and that you will live it for whatever purpose he or the government decides it should be lived for.”


Read the whole interview in NewsReal Blog….



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Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar Walk out on The Truth

Published a few days ago in the American Thinker

Here’s two Excerpts:

“In another clear example of what happens when Lefties encounter the truth, Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg upon being told by Bill O’Reilly that “Muslims killed us on 9/11” walked out while on The View. Actually they didn’t just walk out, they pretty much freaked out…”

“…an angle to the GZM which most people like him just don’t realize. It’s not a matter of taste, it’s a matter of grave importance involving the United States war effort. The GZM should be stopped because of what it would do to U.S soldiers and all of its allies in the world. The GZM would embolden every Islamist out there from the insurgents in Afghanistan, to the Islamists who threaten allied states like the Philippines and India, not to mention Israel. Every ally of the U.S which has a far inferior military will see themselves facing a strong, confident passionate enemy who thinks they’re winning. How long do you think the allies of the U.S will be able to take that while Obama withholds all the much needed support for the good guys?”

Read the whole thing in American Thinker….

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Free Enterprise Endorses Stephen Bailey

I am proud to announce that I and the periodical I own, Free Enterprise, is officially endorsing Stephen Bailey for congressman in the 2nd District of Colorado. You can see the official Endorsement here in this PDF:

Free Enterprise Endorses Stephen Bailey.PDF

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Ed Schultz Fights Reality, Claims Leftist Cluster Equals Beck’s Rally

Published once more in The American Thinker a few days ago. Here’s a short Excerpt:

“Leftists have many enemies. Big Business, Conservative Radio, “The Right Wing Conspiracy.” But none so much as their most consistent enemy, Reality.”

Read the whole thing here…

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Intelligence Reports: Bin Laden Will Strike in Europe, U.S to Issue Travel Warnings

Published on The American Thinker a few days ago. Here’s an Excerpt

“Since no other group has done more to undermine the security of the West than they, it’s fitting that the Leftist rally in DC would coincide with the Obama administration’s decision that a travel warning for a continent where Western Civilization started is appropriate.

As Fox News reports:

The Obama administration will issue a warning Saturday to U.S. travelers in Europe to avoid places frequented by Westerners after new intelligence suggested an attack by Al Qaeda could be imminent, a senior U.S. intelligence official told Fox News.

This sentence in particular is very disturbing and revealing: “…issue a warning Saturday to U.S. travelers in Europe to avoid places frequented by Westerners” But isn’t Europe a part of the West? The…”

Read the whole thing Here….

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Philippines: First Step, Lower Taxes

(Published in Free Enterprise Vol. 1 Issue. 2 2010)

There are a lot of developing countries in the world who are looking for an answer to their woes, our country being one of them. The biggest question out there is “How do we become a 1st world country?” A great first step for us would be; lower taxes. Lower it as much as possible.

Almost all countries that took this first step towards greater freedom and capitalism reaped immediate benefits. To name a few, there are former communist states like Estonia, Poland, Russia. And then there is Ireland, which was considered the “Sick Man of Europe” but has since transformed into the “Celtic Tiger.” Each and everyone of these states have found a greater degree of prosperity.

This is because a low tax rate increases foreign investment, creates more jobs, lessens the government’s wasteful spending(usually), encourages businesses to expand and most of all it allows people to keep more of what is rightfully theirs; the fruits of their labour.

Unfortunately, the economics of high taxes is still pretty much alive today. Countries at the cusp of making it, destroy all their potential growth by confiscating more and more of its citizens hard earned money. There is a mistaken view in economics that somehow higher taxes can result in a better country. The view is usually, to put it simply; “It’s okay if the government raises taxes, so long as I’m getting good services out of it.” The problem is, with the exception of the Military, the Police department, and the Courts, government has never done anything so well that the private sector can’t do it better and cheaper.

If one needs a historical example, one simply needs to look at the now defunct Soviet Union. There the government sought to provide its people free education, free healthcare, free housing and free everything. The result was poverty, stagnation and misery. Not to mention the countless deaths resulting from such a Totalitarian government. And such results are shared to varying degrees by all nations who have chosen to make their government the “great provider.”

In addition, raising taxes is usually thought of as necessary to fix the deficit of a country. There is a better solution to such a problem and that is to cut spending. Raising taxes hurts the economy which means such a policy would be more disastrous than helpful. Plus there have been many occasions where government revenue has actually increased after lowering taxes, this is due to the increased economic growth and productivity resulting from such a policy

So for our nation to prosper and to be a better country over all, the first step should be clear. Lower taxes.


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An Interview with Dr. Paul Hsieh

(Published in Free Enterprise Vol. 1 Issue. 2 2010)

Paul Hsieh, MD, is a co-founder of Freedom and Individual Rights in Medicine or FIRM, a project which promotes and educates Americans about free market health care reforms.  He is also a practicing physician in the Denver, Colorado area.

His writings have appeared in prominent publications such as: The Objective Standard, PajamasMedia, the Christian Science Monitor, the Washington Examiner, the Denver Post, and Capitalism Magazine.

Joshua Lipana: President Obama’s Healthcare plan, widely called as ObamaCare, has recently passed and has now officially become law. How is the passage of ObamaCare going to affect you and the healthcare industry?

Paul Hsieh: Much of the current discussion of ObamaCare has centered on new regulations over the health insurance industry as well as the highly-controversial “individual mandate” requiring individuals to purchase health insurance.

But for doctors, one of the most important (and least recognized)  aspects of ObamaCare is that the government will gradually start imposing controls on how doctors can practice.

Physicians will be increasingly subject to various government “comparative effectiveness” practice guidelines that will specify what sorts of procedures and tests they should (or should not) perform, and what sorts of medications they can (or cannot) prescribe.

These measures will be portrayed by government officials as ways of improving quality while reducing costs.  But over time, they will also be used as a way to covertly ration medical services.

JL: Does ObamaCare have any redeeming qualities? Is there anything in it that’s good?

PH: Unfortunately, not.  The ObamaCare plan is based on drastically increasing the degree of government control over medical practice and medical financing decisions that should instead be made by patients, doctors, and insurers in a free market.  By depriving individuals of this freedom, the plan destroys any possible redeeming qualities.

Just as an example — suppose it were scientifically proven that eating carrots was good for you.  Then, the government decided to require that everyone eat 3 carrots a day.

Such a law would restrict man’s freedom to act on his own rational judgment — which is our basic means of survival.  A government which tramples on our basic freedoms in order to achieve a derivative value (such as “guaranteed” health care) destroys the source of all such values — namely, the rational mind capable of acting on its own independent judgment.

To paraphrase Benjamin Franklin, “They who would give up an essential liberty for temporary health security, deserve neither liberty or security.” And under ObamaCare, we’ll end up with neither.

JL: Prior to the passage of the bill, “Death Panels” were mentioned a lot by the various news outlets in America with regards to the ObamaCare plan. Can you explain to us what the issue was all about? What are these “Death Panels”?

PH: During the 2009 health care debate, some conservatives like Sarah Palin claimed that government “death panels” would decide which patients would live or die under ObamaCare.

Although many ObamaCare supporters called such concerns “paranoia”, after the law was passed they sang a different tune.

For instance, David Leonhardt praised the fact that under ObamaCare the government would finally be able to control health care costs by saying “no” to patients (“The Power Of No”, New York Times, 6 April 2010).

Similarly, President Obama’s nominee to head Medicare, Dr. Donald Berwick, has repeatedly praised Great Britain’s National Health Service as a model for the US to emulate because it rations care in a way he finds socially desirable.

Whether you wish to call them “death panels” or not, it is true that that newly-created bureaucracies such as the Independent Payment Advisory Panel will be empowered to decide if certain procedures and treatments cost “too much” — and therefore not covered under government programs such as Medicare.  If you’re a Medicare patient dependent on the federal government for your health care, then this could amount to the government deciding whether you’ll live or die.

JL: Finally; there’s been a lot of talks in the News-media about the possibility of repealing ObamaCare in the future, could you comment on the overall efforts to repeal ObamaCare?

PH: Polls have consistently shown that most Americans want to repeal ObamaCare. The recent anti-ObamaCare referendum in Missouri, the progress of the anti-ObamaCare lawsuit in Virginia, and similar efforts in other states (including my own state of Colorado) shows that the opposition to this health care law is broad and deep.

Some Republicans understand this and want to use legislative measures to “defund” the program now, then later repeal it.  Other Republicans are not yet that bold, even though they should be. If they did so, they would have the support of the American people — precisely because they would be fighting for core American values of freedom and individual liberty.  The people understand that this is the real issue.  Let’s hope that our politicians start understanding this as well.

JL: Thank you very much for your time Dr. Hsieh. This has been a very enlightening interview.


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