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Teddy Locsin: “Pray Tell What Might That Lesson Be”

The following is an excellent video editorial by former statesman, Teddy Locsin Jr. regarding the Moro Islamic Liberation Front’s war on the Philippines. If you could only watch one video about this war, make it this one.

Watch the video. The excerpt below and the transcript does not do justice to the video.

400 MILF ambushed 100 of our soldiers. 19 of our boys were killed, 6 killed in captivity, like the Marines captured and castrated two years ago, screaming their suffering into microphones held by the MILF to their mouths so their agony would carry. Their commander-in-chief, our president, castigated the survivors and the dead. “Hadn’t they learned from the past?” He said.

Pray tell what lesson was it our fallen soldiers failed to learn? That we have been at peace with those who are at war? That our soldiers are ambushed, tortured and killed in a time of truce against the laws of war? That our enemies can amass to outnumber our troops because we cannot look if they are making ready for trouble?

We tell our troops to stand easy; do nothing to upset the negotiations. Our soldiers are not standing easy. They are sitting ducks… 

Thank you Mr. Locsin. This needed to be said.

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