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Cancer Update: “Joshua Lipana, His Doctors, and Modern Technology Beat Cancer”

“I’m delighted to announce that Joshua Lipana’s most recent CT Scan shows across-the-board improvements, including ‘Near complete resolution of mediastinal abnormality.’ What was a five-inch by two-inch tumor in Joshua’s chest has been reduced to scar tissue. This combined with tests showing Joshua’s bone marrow to be cancer-free means that his cancer is, by all accounts, in remission.

“Joshua, his doctors, modern technology, and the men and women who make it possible have beaten Joshua’s rare and aggressive cancer (T-Cell Lymphoblastic Lymphoma). Writing of his own part in beating this monster, Joshua says, ‘I’m rarer and more aggressive than that rare and aggressive cancer.’ Indeed he is.”

—Craig Biddle

Read the whole thing here: http://www.theobjectivestandard.com/blog/index.php/2013/01/joshua-lipana-his-doctors-and-modern-technology-beat-cancer/


Craig Biddle has been one of the most supportive individuals in my victorious fight against cancer.

I am glad I am alive. I am glad I can continue the honor of working with Craig Biddle.


I am a cancer survivor. I am so happy I can finally call myself that.



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Honored: Assistant Editor, TOS Blog

2011-spring-smI am thrilled and honored to say that I am now the Assistant Editor for The Objective Standard Blog.

The Objective Standard is an amazing publication filled with timeless works and inspiration. I give my sincerest thanks to Craig Biddle for giving me this opportunity.

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My First Article in The Objective Standard

I am honored to say that I have been published in my favorite magazine: The Objective Standard

My article’s title is “The Communist War against the Philippines and Why It Rages On.” Alan Germani and Craig Biddle were integral to the high quality result of the article. I thank them both for all their assistance in its creation.

Here’s an excerpt from my article:

“Prosperity is the result of production, and because communism destroys those who produce by stealing what they produce, communism is at odds with prosperity. Communism denies man’s right to live for himself and profit from his own labor. It severs him from what keeps him alive. And when a man’s right to live for himself is denied, only slavery or death can follow.”

Here’s the link: Around the World: “The Communist War against the Philippines and Why It Rages On”

The entire thing is only available for The Objective Standard subscribers. So, subscribe!

While you’re at it check out this excellent article by Gretchen Thomas about Walt Disney: Walt Disney’s EPCOT: The City of Tomorrow that Might Have Been


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Let’s Privatize Government Schools

Seeing leftists violently advocate for more government spending in education is a common sight in the news. Though sane people disagree with the violence, not much is said in disagreeing with the Left’s goals.

This is a mistake.

The entire advocacy of the leftists in education should be rejected. And it must be countered with praise for the privatization of government run schools. As Andrew Bernstein writes, in The Objective Standard:

“A private school cannot force customers to purchase its product, nor can it compel anyone to finance its existence, nor can it regulate or curtail the activities of its competitors. Because private schools are legally forbidden to use force, their existence and programs entail no violation of rights. Having to earn their customers and money, private schools possess strong economic incentive to provide excellent educational services. If they want to stay in business and flourish, they must make money by satisfying the educational requirements of students and their families; if they fail to do so, they face bankruptcy.”

Entrepreneurs who take over the schools will compete to make their educational institution the best there is, and the most affordable it can be, so they can make a well-earned profit. The private sector rewards effectiveness. Bureaucracy stifles it.

Privatizing government run schools will lessen the government’s wasteful spending and will lead to a better educational system by turning over these ineffective government run institutions to the private sector. And most of all it will stop the rights-destroying practice of forcing people to fund ineffective institutions against their will.

As Craig Biddle, the editor of The Objective Standard, writes:

“Because an individual’s judgment is his basic means of living, physical force, to the extent that it is used against him, causes him to lead a less than human life… If human beings are to act on their rational judgment, they must be free to act on it. Capitalism is the social system that recognizes this fact and upholds the principle of individual rights.”

If we truly want to see an educational system that respects the rational faculty of Filipinos to chart their own destiny, the privatization of government schools must begin.

This article first appeared in Kuro-Kuro.

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