Included in the Book “Race and Reality”

I’m glad to say that I was included in the book Race and Reality by Guy P. Harrison.

My comment in the book:

“…this irrational bigoted collectivist view truly disappears. I think though that the progress that we’ve seen with racism is encouraging. Gone are the days when Racism was taken seriously. I think it would be valuable if we accepted race as not a significant barometer for a person’s value. No one race has a monopoly in talent. There are superior individuals in all races. I would divide the world by ability. Not by arbitrary physical characteristics based on race perception.”

I believe I had just discovered Ayn Rand when I made these comments. My primary influence was still Mencken (and a little Nietzsche) back then. However my comments are great! And it’s in fact consistent with my Objectivism. And the book mistakenly calls me “Joshua Lipan” when it should be “Joshua Lipana.” But hell, I don’t really care. Thanks Guy!


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