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Philippine Government Morally Must Crush New People’s Army

First published in The Objective Standard Blog, September 13, 2012.

CommunistsThe communist insurgency known as the New People’s Army has admitted to bombing a carnival in the Philippines and injuring scores of civilians, including many children. The NPA has apologized for the civilian casualties, as if such a thing were unforeseeable when attacking a carnival.

In their effort to establish a dictatorship in the Philippines, the NPA has inflicted brutality after brutality upon the Filipino people—from perpetrating massacres, to “recruiting” children as soldiers in their cause, to destroying the property of those who refuse to bow to their collective will.

Filipinos who care about their lives and liberties must demand that the Philippine government summarily destroy the New People’s Army, and, to do so, Filipinos will have to recognize and embrace the moral rightness in taking such action. As I wrote in “Around the World: ‘The Communist War against the Philippines and Why It Rages On’”:

The Philippine armed forces clearly have the means to destroy the communist threat; what Filipinos and their government need is the moral resolve to allow the military do so.

If Filipinos want peace, security, and prosperity, they must come to recognize that the communist ideal of “from each according to his ability, to each according to his need” is morally wrong, politically wrong, and thus economically disastrous. Filipinos must demand that their government end the peace talks with the Communist Party, destroy the New People’s Army, and demand that all communist groups terminate their activities immediately or face retribution.

The NPA’s latest atrocity further underscores the urgent need for the Philippine government to destroy the communist menace.


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NPR: The Secret Document That Transformed China

NPR has a fascinating report on China which involves collectivism and the virtue of the profit-motive. From the report:

In 1978, the farmers in a small Chinese village called Xiaogang gathered in a mud hut to sign a secret contract. They thought it might get them executed. Instead, it wound up transforming China’s economy in ways that are still reverberating today.

The contract was so risky — and such a big deal — because it was created at the height of communism in China. Everyone worked on the village’s collective farm; there was no personal property.

“Back then, even one straw belonged to the group,” says Yen Jingchang, who was a farmer in Xiaogang in 1978. “No one owned anything.”

At one meeting with communist party officials, a farmer asked: “What about the teeth in my head? Do I own those?” Answer: No. Your teeth belong to the collective.

In theory, the government would take what the collective grew, and would also distribute food to each family. There was no incentive to work hard — to go out to the fields early, to put in extra effort, Yen Jingchang says.

“Work hard, don’t work hard — everyone gets the same,” he says. “So people don’t want to work.”

They defied the system and made a secret contract to practice capitalist principles.  The result was fantastic. “At the end of the season, they had an enormous harvest: more, Yen Hongchang says, than in the previous five years combined.”

Their self-interested work was creating abundance and prosperity; The Communist Party took notice.

Click here to read the fascinating report.

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My First Article in The Objective Standard

I am honored to say that I have been published in my favorite magazine: The Objective Standard

My article’s title is “The Communist War against the Philippines and Why It Rages On.” Alan Germani and Craig Biddle were integral to the high quality result of the article. I thank them both for all their assistance in its creation.

Here’s an excerpt from my article:

“Prosperity is the result of production, and because communism destroys those who produce by stealing what they produce, communism is at odds with prosperity. Communism denies man’s right to live for himself and profit from his own labor. It severs him from what keeps him alive. And when a man’s right to live for himself is denied, only slavery or death can follow.”

Here’s the link: Around the World: “The Communist War against the Philippines and Why It Rages On”

The entire thing is only available for The Objective Standard subscribers. So, subscribe!

While you’re at it check out this excellent article by Gretchen Thomas about Walt Disney: Walt Disney’s EPCOT: The City of Tomorrow that Might Have Been


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Life under Communism: Do the Young Ones Know?

Another work published in NewsReal Blog.


“The author, Charlotte Cushman, writes vividly and very personally on what it was like to have family who escaped the brutal rule of Communism. She recalls how her uncle, who escaped communist Yugoslavia and had just arrived in America, was traumatized:

“He was very nice and a lot of fun, but he was very nervous. He was nervous all the time. When we would go out in the car he would constantly be looking around, smoking a cigarette, with hands shaking, glancing continuously at the cars behind us or next to us. He would say things like, “They are after me.” “They have followed me here.” “They’re going to get me.”

“…Communists controlled everyone and everything.”

Read the whole thing here…

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