Anne Hathaway on Atlas Shrugged

I’ve always liked her. I like her even more now.

Chelsea Handler: …I know you’re an Ayn Rand fan, right?

Anne Hathaway: Yeah, I am.

Handler: What’s your favorite Ayn Rand book?

Hathaway: Atlas Shrugged.  

Handler: Did you like that better than The Fountainhead?

Hathaway: I did. When I began Atlas Shrugged, I was really excited, because Ayn Rand said that The Fountainhead was the overture to Atlas Shrugged. I was like, “Ooh! What am I getting into?” Whether or not you agree with Ayn Rand-and I have certain issues with some of her beliefs-the woman can tell a story. I mean, the novel as an art form is just in full florid bloom in Atlas Shrugged. It’s an unbelievable story. The characters are so compelling, and what she’s saying is mind-expanding. I really enjoyed that book, and it was kind of prophetic. I read that book for the first time during the Bush Administration and I was like, “People are governing with their feelings as opposed to their intellect. This is happening.” And she wrote this how many years ago?”



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5 responses to “Anne Hathaway on Atlas Shrugged

  1. Great to see due admiration for Ayn Rand!

  2. What a joy to find such clear thinking. Thanks for potsnig!

  3. John Q. Spartacus

    Sorry, Miss Hathaway is at a fundraiser for Barry Soetoro today in CT.
    A = A.
    Miss Hathaway = Marxist.

  4. The link is a 404 and searching did not find the article, but the quote appears under this URL for me:

    There is some weird dynamic loading going on in that page now which might make things hard to find.

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