“Smoking Ban vs. Property Rights”

Excellent LTE from David Holcberg.

Smoking Ban vs. Property Rights

By David Holcberg (Chicago Tribune, May 9, 2007; Kansas City Star, November 15, 2007; Cincinnati Post, November 30, 2007)

Smoking bans in private property are a blatant violation of property rights.

Business owners have the right to determine whether they want to offer their customers a smoke-free environment.

No one is forced to patronize a bar, club or restaurant that allows smoking. If some people don’t want to put up with cigarette smoke, they are free to stay away. They are also free to open their own non-smoking bars and restaurants. They have no right, however, to force business owners to adopt a non-smoking policy.

Copyright © by the Ayn Rand Institute. Used with permission.


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