A Fascinating Chess Game

I recently played a fascinating Chess game which has become one of my favorite matches. I liked this Chess game so much that I decided to record it and share it.

I played Black, my opponent played White.

In the following image (white to move), you will see that if his bishop takes my pawn in H7 near my king, he would check my king while having a rook(D1) target my queen(D8). This move would force me to eat the bishop, while having my queen be eaten by the rook in the next move.

My pawn in B2 is nearing Queendom though. Could white checkmate me before that pawn becomes a serious threat? Keep in mind that if I eat his Rook in A1 I’ll have  his Rook who just ate my Queen(D8) eat my Rook in E8. My King would be cornered. The question is: Is this a wise course of action for  White?



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7 responses to “A Fascinating Chess Game

  1. White is already at lost here no matter what moves he does. The best he can do is to prolong the game by playing Rook to A2.

  2. Gerry

    i hope you don’t mind the late reply, but oh well.

    Emil is technically wrong. white is not yet lost because he hasn’t made the move to take the pawn at H7. & you’re right. if white moves his white bishop to take the pawn at H7, he would have already missed the opportunity to checkmate black in 2 moves.

    instead of caring about the pawn at H7, a better move for white would be to move his BLACK bishop to H6. & whatever move black makes, whether it be taking white’s rook at A1, or any other, would not matter because in the next move, the white Queen will take the pawn at G7 & checkmates black.

  3. Gerry is totally wrong here and probably never played chess before.

    If WHITE moves his Bishop to H7, Black next move is simply Pawn takes Rook at A1 with Queen promotion, protecting Black’s Pawn at G7.

  4. Gerry

    so you’ll just ignore the fact that if the white bishop has taken the black pawn at H7 it will Check the black king & just move the black B2 pawn to take the rook at A1?

    i’ve played enough chess to even understand the concept of a Check.

  5. Oops, I just made a blunder (typo most probably).

    I meant WHITE Bishop to H6, as you suggested before.

    • Gerry

      i guess i have played chess before.

      though i give you props for pointing out the almost-Queen B2 black pawn taking the A1 White Rook to protect the G7 black pawn. it most probably won’t mean a White win in 2 moves as i pointed out.

      • White here has no chance unless Black makes a blunder. If we follow your first suggestion White’s Bishop to H6, Black would reply the ff:
        1) …PxR=Q
        2) P-R3 B-KB4
        3) B-K2 BxN
        4) RxQ QRxR
        5) BxP QxB
        6) QxQch KxQ
        7) P-QR4 B-QB4
        8) B-N5 R-Q7
        9) BxN R-K8ch

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