Ortigas Center Skyscrapers

I used to live in the suburbs not 10 minutes away from this beauty. The picture above is the Ortigas Center. A testament to one of the beauties that Capitalism has created in the Philippines. The one below is the same place during a full moon.

[Photo deleted]

I can still see this wonder from my new home. Which is also a bastion of Capitalist wonder.



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8 responses to “Ortigas Center Skyscrapers

  1. This is a glimpse of what I’m fighting for.

  2. the capitalist

    Magnificent sight! It takes an intelligent mind and one with a heart for beauty to appreciate the simple silence of such a sight that only capitalism could bring. For a while, the breathtaking view was better than any amount of words one could speak.

  3. Good pictures pare. Post more, including Global city, Roxas Blvd, Eastwood, etc.

  4. Kelsy cruz

    I recognize these pictures from our photography forum

    These pictures were taken without permission from the owner’s Flcker site, please take them down as they were used without authorization nor permission.

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