“Published Works”

I’m having a great night tonight. I just got published in Capitalism Magazine and The American Thinker.

My writing is going pretty well these days. Unfortunately it’s become a bit harder for me to keep making individual blog posts about the various pieces and places I’m being published in. I’m very happy about this of course, it’s a welcomed problem.

So I’ve made a new page in my blog called “Published Works” where I list down my published works in various publications. It’ll be helpful both for me and my readers to keep track of my writing.



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2 responses to ““Published Works”

  1. What you can possibly do, is to copy-paste all your published works elsewhere, into your blog, just give a note like “this article was published in ____” and give the direct link. That way, your blog contains all your articles, both published elsewhere and those that you just write for the blog. This will help attract more readers to your blog as readers can read all the papers without leaving your site.

    • That’s what I used to do. Eventually it just became overwhelming. There was one day, where there was 3 places that simultaneously published different pieces of mine. It’s awesome, but it just was taking up too much time. I had to pick out the best excerpt, and a good image and on top of that I would have already linked to my article in a dozen social networking sites to promote the piece. It became tiring.

      I plan to still make individual blog posts once in a while about articles published elsewhere, but until the time I do make that blog post, “The Published Works” page can serve as a comprehensive real time update for my readers.

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