Haiti Needs Capitalism, Not Just Aid

As another crisis envelops the impoverished nation of Haitiforeign aid is once again being called for. Despite years of aid from foreign nations and a significant U.N presence, Haiti still remains the most impoverished nation in the Western Hemisphere.

Haiti’s impotence to solve its own problems is caused by one thing: lack of capitalism. All of Haiti’s problems can be traced to this one fact. Industrialization and a potential for a thriving market place has all been killed because of the economic restrictions on the private sector. As Heritage Foundations reports:

The overall freedom to conduct a business is severely impeded by Haiti’s burdensome regulatory environment. Starting a business takes an average of 195 days, compared to the world average of 35 days. Obtaining a business license takes about five times longer than the world average of 218 days.

Such an environment is conducive neither to job-creation nor human life.

Haiti needs more than a temporary alleviation of its suffering, Haiti needs to become self-sufficient enough so that they’re whole society is not threatened to be completely destroyed by any natural disaster that would befall them.

If people really want to help Haiti and desire to lift up millions of Haitians from their poverty, what they should do is educate the country about the workings of capitalism and free enterprise. Educate them about Ayn Rand and her Objectivist philosophy, educate them about the ideas of free market thinkers like Milton Friedman and Ludwig von Mises, educate them about the correlation of freedom and prosperity.  Teach them Capitalism, and all things that go with it: skyscrapers, a higher standard of living, higher food production, and an overall better country will follow.

This, not aid will solve Haiti’s problems.


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One response to “Haiti Needs Capitalism, Not Just Aid

  1. bigfanofyours

    Perfectly said. Yes CAPITALISM is the answer to all their woes. Self-sufficiency and not temporary alleviation of poverty is the right path to take.

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