Some Thoughts on Our New President

“There can be no reconciliation without justice.” -President Noynoy Aquino

I’m very optimistic about the presidency of Noynoy Aquino. He has pledged not to raise taxes during the campaign and says he intends to cut spending. Plus I believe he will bring a more transparent government to the Filipino people. And I’m especially optimistic about the prospect of him reducing corruption in the government.

I respect and admire his parents significantly, however I have not forgotten the fact that both his parents were soft on the communists. But because Former President Cory Aquino restored Free Speech and a Free Press in this country, among other things, and though I am enraged that she let that murderous leader of the CPP go, I shall call her a step forward.

With regards to his father, I have been reading a little more about Ninoy Aquino recently. There’s stuff there that I really admire. But there are stuff that have absolutely disgusted me. (calling himself a Christian Socialist was one of them) But after taking all his actions as a whole, I believe the end result of all his work benefited my own life and country.

What I’m most concerned about is how much left-wing influence are there in Aquino’s administration. Certainly the reds are not with him. But what about the Pinko’s the Risa Hontivero’s and the like. How close are they to his ear? President Aquino has yet to make a firm statement on the insurgencies plaguing our country. If these are the people he’ll listen to, then we’re open for the enemy to slaughter.  As former president Erap once said: “We talk peace, sign a ceasefire, but insurgencies continue, the bombings continue, the kidnappings continue,” What Aquino must do is be firm and make it clear that evil ways will not get evil men concessions.

I’m upbeat. But I will be vigilant.


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